Enrollment Information

Date Natl. Name Campus Course

2017.11.19 Chinese LU****WEI Main General ESL4 (GE4)

2017.11.19 Chinese LIU****HE Main Junior w/ Parent (JCP)

2017.11.19 Chinese WAN****LAN Main YOLO ESL2 (YOLO)

2018.01.29 Taiwanese GU****NG Main Sprint IELTS (SIC)

2017.12.26 Vietnamese NGUYEN****HI Main General ESL4 (GE4)

2018.03.04 Chinese GU***QI Main General ESL4 (GE4)

2018.02.01 Taiwanese WA****NUO Main Junior w/ Parent (JCP)

2018.05.05 Vietnamese LE****HANH Main General ESL4 (GE4)

2018.07.02 Taiwanese LIN****UN Main YOLO ESL2 (YOLO)

2018.09.09 Yemen SHE*** Main General ESL4 (GE4)

2018.07.21 Vietnamese LIEU****HAU Main General ESL4 (GE4)

2018.07.14 Chinese LI***PUI Main Junior Camp

2018.10.14 Saudi Arabian ALANA****NI Main General ESL4 (GE4)

2018.07.08 Taiwanese CHIANG****HENG Main Junior w/ Parent (JCP)

2018.07.07 Chinese WANG**** Main Sprint IELTS (SIC))

2018.07.16 Taiwanese CHIA****LIN Main IELTS (RIC)

2018.10.26 Vietnamese LE****HUYEN Main General ESL4 (GE4)


يناير 2021
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يوصى مخيم الشباب الصيفي للراغبين بجودة تعليم عالية، سوف نقوم وفقاً لمستواهم بتقديم دورة اللغة الانجليزية العامة للشباب ESL Junior او...
تم تصميم هذه الدورة التدريبية للبالغين الذين يرغبون في تعلمIELTS، بغض النظر اذا كان الطالب على علم بهذا النوع من...
يطلب المعهد واصي او الاباء لمصاحبة الاطفال. يقدم المعهد برنامج الشباب من 5-15 سنة. OMGE هو اول معهد يقدم برنامج...
تم تصميم هذه الدورة للطلاب الذين يحتاجون إلى درجات TOEIC في فترة زمنية قصيرة. الطلاب الذين لديهم أساس جيد في...
نظراَ لصعوبة تحسين مستوى المبتدئين في تعلم اللغلة الانجليزية، يقدم المعهد دورات لغة انجليزية بسيطة وفعالة للغالية مما يجعل من...
تم تصمم هذه الدورة لتحسين كفاءة الطلاب في اللغة الانجليزية (القراءة، الكتابة، المحادثة والاستماع) مع التركيز على التحدث بالانجليزية والقدرة...

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Why choose OMGE?

Our main goal is giving an excellent English education!
We are situated in the heart of midtown Cebu. Everything...
OMGE focuses on IELTS Training. We customized Sprint IELTS which...
English Only Policy is strictly implemented in OMGE Study Building...
OMGE delivers a professional Cambridge related courses Such as KET,...
We customized the Absolute Beginner Course easy, Simple, and more...
Our teachers enjoy teaching, taking care of students, patient and...


  • What are the rules regarding destruction of school property and facilities?
  • What are the regulations in Cebu and laws regarding curfew?

    Minors are prohibited from loitering or staying outside their houses starting yesterday from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m., according to Cebu City Councilor David Tumulak.

    The Cebu City government has ordered the “strict” implementation of the curfew ordinance, in coordination with the Philippine National Police in Central Visayas (PNP-7) and barangay officials.


  • What is the school policy regarding refunds?
  • What are the school expulsion policies?
  • What are the school regulations?
  • What are the courses and textbooks materials like? How are the teachers like?
  • How are the level exams like? How are the moving-up exams like?
  • Can the school provide travel information?
  • Is there a currency exchange service in the school?
  • How can students get SIM cards, wifi, and prepaid load cards?
  • Are the rental services in the school?
  • Is there a laundry service in the school?
  • What is the school’s meal schedules?
  • What are the school facilities?
  • Is there a healthcare facility in the school?
  • How is the maintenance and repair of facilities like in the school?
  • How can you contact the school?
  • What is the school’s emergency contact number?


  • Will there be any certificates given as proof after finishing the program?

    Students will be given a certificate from the school after finishing the program.

  • What Student Say

    • September 9 is holiday on 2019 in celebration of Osmeña Day.
      September 9, 2019: Osmeña Day
    • Since there are more and more students from different countries joining our school in the past two weeks, OMGE decided to launch the International Food Fair to celebrate and have…
      October 15, 2018: OMGE started celebrating International Food Fair with Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic cuisines
    • Happy Teacher’s Day! We celebrate Teacher’s Day in the Philippines with cakes and ice cream. We wish all the teachers to have a wonderful and successful career at OMGE.
      October 5, 2018: OMGE celebrates Teacher’s Day in the Philippines with a cake!
    • Thank you for celebrating this occasion with OMGE. We hope our dinner preparation of dumplings, moon cakes, and other Chinese dishes helped bring back memories of this festival.
      September 23, 2018: OMGE staff and students celebrate the mid-autumn festival by having a warm dinner together
    • Goodbyes are never easy. We won’t be sad because we have to say goodbye, instead we will be happy we have memories we can cherish forever. We hope the students…
      August 23, 2018: students from the Parent-Child study tour program are about to graduate but both the teachers and the students are reluctant to part ways.
    • China-Philippines friendship has gone a long way. Today, OMGE took the students to participate in a social welfare activity. It was a fun-filled experience with the students playing games, giving…
      August 4, 2018: OMGE organizes an orphanage- visitation activity for the students
    • During the 2-month summer vacation, OMGE welcomed more than 120 students. This includes the parent-child classes, Summer Youth Camp students, and IELTS students.
      July 2018: Summer Vacation Parent-Child Group students arrive in OMGE. (120 pax):
    • The Summer Vacation group that arrived today consists of 18 people, and all are English teacher from China!
      June 19, 2018: OMGE Summer Vacation Group. (48 pax)
    • Her name is Annie. She is both studying as a student and also working as a student manager in the school. She has a very sweet smile that can brighten…
      May 6, 2018: OMGE welcomes the first Vietnamese student Manager.
    • The teachers represent OMGE in the exchange. Today they visited the  YOUGO STUDY Agency in China in their Shenzhen branch.
      March 3, 2018: OMGE IELTS teachers visits China agency .


    Our Blogs

    08 أكتوبر 2019 By admin
    September 9 is Osmeña Day, a Special non-working holiday in Cebu
    In honor of the late Governor of Cebu and the 4th President of the Republic of the Philippines, Sergio Osmeña, Sr., September 9 is Osmeña Day, considered a Special non-working...
    05 سبتمبر 2019 By admin
    We wish you happy farewell. We hope that the education that you gained here would help you in your future studies. Good luck for your higher studies and continue to...
    05 سبتمبر 2019 By admin